Welcome to this week’s #hotjobs from Talent Dynamics for November 20th.

The final two months of the year and I guess we have officially entered the holiday season! We have seen an influx of searches in the past two weeks in all markets and all types of jobs, so let’s get right to it:

New this week

Primary Anchor, Top 15 market, East Coast

News Director, Top 85 market, Northeast

AM Anchor, Top 25 market, West Coast

Reporter, Top 25 market, Mountain West

Investigative Reporter, Top 100 market, South

Morning Anchor, Network, East Coast

Primary Anchor, Network, East Coast

MMJ, Top 100 market, Midwest

MMJ, Top 40 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 30 market, Northwest

Producer, Top 10 market, West

Producer, Network, East Coast

Lifestyle Show EP, Top 15 market, East Coast

Producers, EPs and Asst NDs

Executive Producer(s), Top 10 market, East coast

Producers, Top 60 market, Midwest

Producers, Top 35 market, Mountain West

Producers, Top 25 market, South

Producers, Top 30 market, Midwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

Producers, Top 20 markets East, West, Midwest, Texas and Florida

Executive Producer, Top 30 market, Northwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, West

AM Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

Top 30 market, Southeast

News Directors

Top 60 market, South

Top 10 market, Northeast

Top 50 market, Southeast

Top 70 market, Northeast


Weekend PM Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Primary Meteorologist, Top 40 market, West

Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 75 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, (Freelance) top 20 market, West coast

Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Texas

Weekend Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 20 market, Midwest

Weather, Top 65 market, West Coast


GA Reporter, Top 30 Market, Texas

Consumer Reporter, Top 20 market, West

MMJs All locations, all markets from top 10 to market 200

Anchor/Reporter, Top 10 market, Northeast

Primary Anchors, Top 165 market, Midwest (two openings)

Primary Anchor, Top 165 market, Midwest

Morning Anchor, Top 150 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 25 market, South

Morning anchor, Top 100 market, West

Weekend Anchor, Top 40 market, Midwest

DC Bureau Reporter, Top 10 market

Stories we like

Meet My Career Advisor: TikTok

When the employee quit her job last month, she didn’t go to her mentor for advice on how to say adieu, nor to a coworker. She logged into TikTok, and found a video of a career coach offering advice on how to write a resignation letter. Did the career coach have any experience in her industry? She didn’t consider that.

She’s far from alone. Over three quarters of Gen Zers (age 21 to 26) say that they regularly get career advice on TikTok, according to a new survey, and a whopping 41% of Gen Zers have made career-related decisions based on information they’ve found on the site. “It’s a hugely powerful tool for getting information,” says Bill Simon, global sector leader for media and entertainment at Korn Ferry, “but I just don’t know how accurate that information is.”

Back before social media became dominant, young people would seek out advice from mentors, coworkers, past coworkers, and others with experience at their company and in their field. Today, many social-media “experts” may never have set foot in a corporate workplace, let alone worked in an employee’s particular industry. While experts are widely encouraging of the use of TikTok as a teaching tool, they worry about bad advice. “Users need to be very discerning,” says Simon.

Others worry that the turn to social-media-as-career-coach signals a lack of workplace connections in a hybrid job market. “Are they turning to TikTok in lieu of mentors?” asks culture and change expert Alma Derricks, senior client partner at Korn Ferry. “They may not be connecting in their organizations and finding people to give them advice.” This is potentially a wake-up call to firms, she says, to strengthen their mentoring and buddy programs.

TikTok is seven years old, and was the most popular app in the US last year, with nearly one in three Americans downloading it. This makes it a wildly powerful tool for reaching both employees and potential fresh talent. Experts encourage firms to use the same channels that their employees and talent are already using. “The underlying principle is ‘that’s the channel they’re choosing, so we have to meet them in that channel,’” says David Ellis, vice president for global TA transformation at Korn Ferry.

While customer-facing companies have long used TikTok as a marketing and customer-engagement tool, the majority of non-customer-facing companies still do not have a presence on TikTok. Experts say that’s a mistake. “If you’re pursuing talent, and TikTok is a vehicle through which you can reach them, then it’s worth exploring,” says Richard Marshall, global managing director for corporate affairs at Korn Ferry.

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