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Our vast experience working with broadcast professionals gives us special insights to the inner workings of the media. We share this expertise with our business clientele. Whatever your industry, position, and situation dictate when interacting with the Media, Talent Dynamics is the secret to your success. We work with C-suite executives, realtors, attorneys, athletes, pharmaceutical reps, doctors, and more. When it comes to delivering an impactful message, regardless of the medium, we meet you where you are to elevate your image and credibility.


Media Training

The Talent Dynamics Media Training for Business Professionals is built on 30 years of coaching news anchors and reporters. Our experts know the media- we work in the country’s top newsrooms daily. Whatever your need, we customize a training program to fit your schedule, need, and desire. You are assigned a coach to be your trusted advisor- on call and available to you via virtual sessions, texts, emails, phone and in-person sessions. Prepare, execute, and debrief with confidence, knowing you have an objective professional by your side. Let us design a program to fit your needs.


Our areas of focus include:

  • Master media interviews
  • Talk with ease on TV and radio talk shows
  • Master Q and A to drive your message
  • Quickly gain confidence in news conferences
  • Develop sound bites that sell
  • Use storytelling to sell your message
  • Handle the “tough” question


Talent Dynamics specialists offer individualized coaching and guidance as well as team workshops in the following areas, respectful of your
company culture, industry, as well as the needs and desires of your people.


In this workshop you will learn how to perform confidently on-camera and effectively use video
to connect with your key audience through relatable, engaging, and informative messaging.
Work one on one with coaches to be more fully engaged physically and vocally and make your
performance and delivery magnetic on television and social media.
Participates work together in group activities as well as spend one-on-one time with a TD
specialist. We remain on call for questions and critiques for one month following the workshop.

In this workshop you will dig deep to perfect your pitch to media outlets to get booked, and
then hone interview and public speaking skills to ensure you get called back again and again. On
camera presence and credibility comes from developing strong, clear messaging. Master on-air
skills and confidence through guided practice and mock interviews.
Participates work together in group activities as well as spend one-on-one time with a TD
specialist. We remain on call for questions and critiques for one month following the workshop.

other services

Masterfully speaking to an audience of one or 10,000 requires courage and confidence which
comes from guidance from an expert. Hone your message while fine-tuning your vocal skills and
physical engagement.

What do you want your Audience to think, feel and do? Our writers are your outside source
who listen first and assist in the fine-tuning of a powerful presentation designed to benefit your
company, the product and most importantly, your audience.


Make sure your team’s inward efforts match your outward objectives. Our coaches utilize
creativity and improvisation exercises to focus on the department prime objective… together.
We address problem solving and improved communications with each other that benefit both
the company and customer.

Leadership is a skill to be continually developed and honed to your team. Large or small
interactions may need tweaking and guidance so you make your intended impact. We address
interview skills and career progression as well as the power of internal messaging on company culture.


*Workshop leaders are available for one month following workshop via email, text, phone and
virtual meetings. Packages are available for extending these valuable support services. Call to
discuss how Talent Dynamics workshops provide powerful, ground-breaking stimulation AND
the support to nurture sustainable results.



Talent Dynamics is the secret behind your success in building positive, productive relationships with the news media. Our Media Training for Business Professionals is built on 30 years of coaching news anchors and reporters. Our experts have worked in and coach in the country’s top newsrooms daily. In Media Training for Business Professionals, we help you develop your message, personal image, and interviewing skills while you better understand the news-gathering process.

Our program includes:

  • Handling the media
  • Q and A techniques
  • Sound bites that sell
  • News conferences
  • TV and radio talk shows
  • How to handle the “tough” question

Your most important skill for business success is dynamic, compelling communication! You must present a confident impression wherever, whenever you speak, in any situation, maximizing your personal style and looking your best. That’s where Talent Dynamics can give you that extra edge. Our expert coaches work with you to define your communication style.

Our program:

  • Identifies your communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Polishes your message
  • Teaches good body language techniques
  • Leads to confidence and presence
  • Helps you keep a clear focus

You’ve spent years working hard to get where you are. Your presence is in demand. You must present a confident, dynamic impression wherever you speak in any business situation. Talent Dynamics Executive Communications coaching will give you the edge.

Our training includes:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Communication Barriers and How to Overcome Them
  • Eye Contact and Pacing
  • How to Keep a Clear Focus
  • Teleprompter Training
  • PowerPoint Presentation Training

Conquering Presentation Anxiety

Does the thought of public speaking make your heart race? You aren’t alone. Presentation anxiety is common. It’s also beatable. Talent Dynamics’ expert coaches can help you overcome the fear of public speaking so you won’t get in your way when you’re in front of the media or your colleagues.

Our training includes:

  • The Mind-Body Connection
  • Breathing and other Relaxation Techniques
  • How to Fight through an Anxiety Episode
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Practice, Practice, Practice… it Really Does Make Perfect!

Who Can Benefit?
The fundamentals of good communication are universal. Talent Dynamics can help you no matter your communication improvement goals.

We train:

  • Athletes
  • Attorneys
  • Authors
  • Business Leaders
  • CEOs, CIOs, CFOs
  • Community Leaders
  • Corporate Communications Directors
  • Politicians
  • Judges
  • Physicians
  • and many more!!


The viewing audience will make a quick determination on an athlete’s image and credibility based on media interviews. Our coaches use their 30+ years of experience in putting together a program designed to enhance an athlete’s strength on camera while working on weaknesses.

Our program includes:

  • Techniques to project comfort and confidence
  • Methods to deliver your message
  • Skills to improve voice and diction
  • Plan to be the “go to” athlete for media
  • Private Studio Setting
  • Video taped sessions
  • Follow-up review/critiques of media interviews

Sports Networks and local stations around the country are looking for athletes who have the potential to be future broadcasters. Talent Dynamics has trained many former athletes who now have a second career in television.

Our Future Broadcasters program includes:

  • Protect your unique personality
  • The art of announcing
  • On-air etiquette and team interaction
  • How to read a teleprompter
  • Delivering highlights
  • Practice, practice, practice in a private studio
  • Resume reel
  • Media 2.0 Training (social networking)
  • Access to an exclusive database

A coach does their best to prepare their players. A coach must do their best to prepare for the media.

In today’s environment a coach’s interaction with the media is nearly as important as coaching the team. Whether it’s a press conference, post-game interviews or a coach’s show, Talent Dynamics will prepare the coach to be at their best.

Our program includes:

  • Techniques to connect with a television audience
  • Skills to project your message
  • Methods to deal with a tough media environment
  • Image and appearance consultation
  • Private studio setting
  • Follow-up review/critique of media interviews

In today’s social networking and media 2.0 world, every team needs basic training to protect and enhance their school’s or team’s image. This 2-hour session will be the best investment you can make, giving your athletes the tools and techniques necessary to deal with the media.

Our program includes:

  • Develop a Postive Team Image
  • Practice Interview Skills in front of peers
  • Media Training Handbook
  • Do’s and Don’ts on deal with the media
  • Media 2.0 Training (social networking)
  • Two hour or day long sessions

An athlete’s image in their community can be the difference between a career with a team and a career in the community. Talent Dynamics Image Perceiver gives athletes the knowledge they need to improve and leverage their image into endorsements and other community careers.

  • Annual Research
  • Community Image Score
  • Comparison to other local athletes
  • Hear (audio) of what the fans are saying
  • Image Plan

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