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Good Morning! This is our last edition before the Holiday break. We still have added more jobs since our last newsletter. A thank you to all who have subscribed to our newsletter. We will be back after the first of the year with another newsletter.

New this week

MMJ, Top 100 market, Midwest

PM Executive Producer, Top 70 market, Northeast

Weekend Anchor/Reporter, Top 70 market, Northeast

MMJ, Top 70 market, Midatlantic

Reporters(2), Top 40 Market, Midwest

MMJ, Top 30 market, Rockies

Producers, EPs and Asst NDs

Managing Editor, Top 15 market, Northeast

Assistant News Director, Top 10 market, Texas

Producer, Top 10 market, West

Producer, Network, East Coast

Lifestyle Show EP, Top 15 market, East Coast

Executive Producer(s), Top 10 market, East coast

Producers, Top 60 market, Midwest

Producers, Top 35 market, Mountain West

Producers, Top 25 market, South

Producers, Top 30 market, Midwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

Producers, Top 20 markets East, West, Midwest, Texas and Florida

Executive Producer, Top 30 market, Northwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, West

AM Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

News Directors

News Director, Top 60 market, West

News Director, Top 85 market, Northeast

Top 60 market, South

Top 10 market, Northeast

Top 50 market, Southeast

Top 70 market, Northeast


Meteorologist, Top 60 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, Top 15 market, East

Weekend AM Anchor/Weather, Top 30 market, West

Weekend PM Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Primary Meteorologist, Top 40 market, West

Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 75 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, (Freelance) top 20 market, West coast

Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Texas

Weekend Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 20 market, Midwest

Weather, Top 65 market, West Coast


Investigative Reporter, Top 60 market, East

MMJ, Top 60 market, Northeast

Primary Anchor, Top 15 market, East Coast

AM Anchor, Top 25 market, West Coast

Reporter, Top 25 market, Mountain West

Investigative Reporter, Top 100 market, South

Morning Anchor, Network, East Coast

Primary Anchor, Network, East Coast

MMJ, Top 100 market, Midwest

MMJ, Top 40 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 30 market, Northwest

GA Reporter, Top 30 Market, Texas

Consumer Reporter, Top 20 market, West

MMJs All locations, all markets from top 10 to market 200

Anchor/Reporter, Top 10 market, Northeast

Primary Anchors, Top 165 market, Midwest (two openings)

Primary Anchor, Top 165 market, Midwest

Morning Anchor, Top 150 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 25 market, South

Morning anchor, Top 100 market, West

Weekend Anchor, Top 40 market, Midwest

DC Bureau Reporter, Top 10 market

What we are reading…

Two Hours of Meetings a Day Is More Than Enough for Most Workers

(From Bloomberg)

Most workers find that having more than two hours of meetings eats into time better spent doing focused work.

Spending more than two hours a day in meetings can hurt productivity, a new survey found, putting a ceiling on an element of the daily grind that many workers have come to dread.

The survey of more than 10,000 desk workers globally from Salesforce-owned Slack Technologies found that two hours of meetings was the tipping point for most. Those who said they spent too much time on Zoom calls or in conference rooms were more than twice as likely to say they didn’t have enough time to focus on work that matters, instead of meetings. More than half of executives polled said they had too many meetings, while 27% of rank-and-file workers said the same. A surfeit of meetings can force people to get tasks done after hours, something that about two out of five workers do at least once a week. The effects were the same whether the meetings were virtual or in person.

“Every minute you spend in meetings is a minute you spend not focusing,” said Christina Janzer, senior vice president of research and analytics at Slack. “Meetings do serve a purpose, but focused time is so important.”

The research is the latest to show the negative effects of too many or unproductive meetings, which Slack, Shopify Inc. and other companies have been trying to combat with varying degrees of success. Previous research has found that large organizations waste $100 million a year on unnecessary gatherings. Tactics for limiting meetings can vary: Twice a quarter, for example, Slack cancels all internal meetings for an entire week, and eliminates them on Fridays. Curbing Friday meetings is something other companies do as well. Shopify created a tool embedded in employees’ calendars that estimates the cost of each meeting. In some cases, businesses encourage workers to decline meetings.

The findings come as new tools are emerging that can capture the highlights of a meeting and send workers a summary — along with the agreed-upon next steps — later on.

Surprisingly, Slack’s survey also found that a small slice of the workforce — typically younger employees or those with less than a year on the job — think they spend too little time in meetings. The survey included workers in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, France and Australia.

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