NEW: Hot Jobs from Talent Dynamics

Things are definitely getting busier in the recruiting and placement space as more jobs are being added. So let’s get to the latest in jobs!

New this week

Evening Anchor/Reporter, Top 70 market, South

Executive Producers (Tampa, Columbus, Orlando)

Bureau Reporter, Top 100 market, Midwest

News Director, Hawaii

MMJ, Top 65 market, Northeast

Producer, Top 65 market, Northeast

MMJ, Top 150 market, Midwest

Executive Producer, Top 25 market, South

Producers, EPs and Asst NDs

Executive Producer Dayside and Mornings, Hawaii

Producer, Hawaii

Asst. News Director, Top 50 market, Northeast

Managing Editor, Top 15 market, Northeast

Assistant News Director, Top 10 market, Texas

Producer, Top 10 market, West

Producer, Network, East Coast

Lifestyle Show EP, Top 15 market, East Coast

Executive Producer(s), Top 10 market, East coast

Producers, Top 60 market, Midwest

Producers, Top 35 market, Mountain West

Producers, Top 25 market, South

Producers, Top 30 market, Midwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

Producers, Top 20 markets East, West, Midwest, Texas and Florida

Executive Producer, Top 30 market, Northwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, West

AM Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

News Directors

News Director, Top 85 market, Northeast

Top 50 market, Northeast

Top 60 market, South

Top 10 market, Northeast


Morning Meteorologist, Top 130 market, Midwest

Primary Meteorologist, Top 70 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 60 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, Top 15 market, East

Weekend AM Anchor/Weather, Top 30 market, West

Weekend PM Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Primary Meteorologist, Top 40 market, West

Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 75 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, (Freelance) top 20 market, West coast

Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Texas

Weekend Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 20 market, Midwest

Weather, Top 65 market, West Coast


Bilingual Consumer MMJ, Top 15 market, East

Weekend Anchor/MMJ, Top 15 market, Northeast

Morning Anchor, Top 120 market, Northeast

Reporter, Top 40 market, Midwest

Political Reporter, Top 50 market, Midwest

Weekend Anchor/Reporter, Top 50 market, Midwest

Primary Anchor, Top 40 market, South

Investigative Reporter, Top 40 market, Mountain West

Investigative Producer, Top 40 market, Mountain West

Primary Sports Anchor/MMJ, Top 20 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 70 market, MidwestInvestigative Reporter, Top 60 market, East

MMJ, Top 60 market, Northeast

Primary Anchor, Top 15 market, East Coast

AM Anchor, Top 25 market, West Coast

Reporter, Top 25 market, Mountain West

Investigative Reporter, Top 100 market, South

Morning Anchor, Network, East Coast

Primary Anchor, Network, East Coast

MMJ, Top 100 market, Midwest

MMJ, Top 40 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 30 market, Northwest

GA Reporter, Top 30 Market, Texas

Consumer Reporter, Top 20 market, West

MMJs All locations, all markets from top 10 to market 200

Anchor/Reporter, Top 10 market, Northeast

Primary Anchors, Top 165 market, Midwest (two openings)

Primary Anchor, Top 165 market, Midwest

Morning Anchor, Top 150 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 25 market, South

Morning anchor, Top 100 market, West

Weekend Anchor, Top 40 market, Midwest

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