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The calendar says December, which we normally see a slowdown in hiring, but as we know in TV 2023 has been anything but a normal year. We have seen an increase in searches in recent weeks. So now let’s get to the list.

New this week

Meteorologist, Top 60 market, Northeast

Investigative Reporter, Top 60 market, East

Managing Editor, Top 15 market, Northeast

MMJ, Top 60 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, Top 15 market, East

News Director, Top 60 market, West

Weekend AM Anchor, Top 40 market, Midwest

Weekend AM Anchor/Weather, Top 30 market, West

Assistant News Director, Top 10 market, Texas

Producers, EPs and Asst NDs

Producer, Top 10 market, West

Producer, Network, East Coast

Lifestyle Show EP, Top 15 market, East Coast

Executive Producer(s), Top 10 market, East coast

Producers, Top 60 market, Midwest

Producers, Top 35 market, Mountain West

Producers, Top 25 market, South

Producers, Top 30 market, Midwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

Producers, Top 20 markets East, West, Midwest, Texas and Florida

Executive Producer, Top 30 market, Northwest

Executive Producer, Top 10 market, West

AM Executive Producer, Top 10 market, Northeast

Top 30 market, Southeast

News Directors

News Director, Top 85 market, Northeast

Top 60 market, South

Top 10 market, Northeast

Top 50 market, Southeast

Top 70 market, Northeast


Weekend PM Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Primary Meteorologist, Top 40 market, West

Meteorologist, Top 30 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 75 market, Northeast

Meteorologist, (Freelance) top 20 market, West coast

Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Texas

Weekend Meteorologist, Top 100 market, Midwest

Meteorologist, Top 20 market, Midwest

Weather, Top 65 market, West Coast


Primary Anchor, Top 15 market, East Coast

AM Anchor, Top 25 market, West Coast

Reporter, Top 25 market, Mountain West

Investigative Reporter, Top 100 market, South

Morning Anchor, Network, East Coast

Primary Anchor, Network, East Coast

MMJ, Top 100 market, Midwest

MMJ, Top 40 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 30 market, Northwest

GA Reporter, Top 30 Market, Texas

Consumer Reporter, Top 20 market, West

MMJs All locations, all markets from top 10 to market 200

Anchor/Reporter, Top 10 market, Northeast

Primary Anchors, Top 165 market, Midwest (two openings)

Primary Anchor, Top 165 market, Midwest

Morning Anchor, Top 150 market, Midwest

Reporter, Top 25 market, South

Morning anchor, Top 100 market, West

Weekend Anchor, Top 40 market, Midwest

DC Bureau Reporter, Top 10 market

What we are reading…

This is the ‘No. 1 predictor of future success’ on your LinkedIn and resume, says ex-Google recruiter (From

When you sit down to write your resume and LinkedIn profile, you’ll want to list your professional achievements — and make sure to use figures to do so. If you work in marketing and make 30 decks a month for C-suite executives, for example, say that. If you work in advertising and your ads increased client revenues by 40%, include that.

Another work accomplishment worth mentioning that many people forget about is promotions. “Promotion history is the thing that I am looking for in resumes and in LinkedIn that I do not think people highlight enough,” says Nolan Church, who’s been a recruiter at companies like Google and DoorDash and is currently the CEO of talent marketplace Continuum.

Here’s why he thinks it’s critical to include your promotions and how he recommends adding them.

People on LinkedIn have ‘5-to-10 years with one title’

It’s pretty common for people not to include their ascent on the job, says Church. “I never see people put promotion history on LinkedIn.”

But especially as it pertains to people who’ve been at a company for a long time, it’s cause for suspicion. There are many people who’ve been at the same place for “five-to-10 years with one title,” says Church. “And the assumption I make is, ‘oh, they must not have been getting promotions this whole time.’”

Forgetting to add that critical detail can make it look like your career’s been stagnant, and that you haven’t done anything to stand out and warrant recognition with a bigger, better title.

Promotions are the “No. 1 predictor of future success,” he says.

How to include a promotion on your resume

When it comes to how to include a promotion in your LinkedIn and resume, make it the first thing potential employers see.

Underneath the title of each relevant role, “in the first bullet underneath it describing what you do, say, ‘promoted three times in the last five years,’” says Church. Or say, “promoted from senior manager to director,” he says. Each title that followed a promotion or series of promotions should have a bullet under it calling those out.

“Promotions for me indicate that this company believes that you are solving problems for them, that they want to invest in you and that they want to keep you,” says Church, “which then makes me want to steal you from them.”

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