The Value of In-Person all-day coaching

Last week I was in Dallas for an in-person talent coaching.   I will admit years ago as a News Director, I sent a first-time main anchor for a week of intensive coaching.   But that was it.  Last week I was watching one of our coaches working one-on-one with an anchor.  Over the years I have forgotten the value of an immersive coaching experience on a young or new anchor.   Typically, most coaching sessions at a tv station are maybe an hour so management can accommodate as many people as possible.   But when you have a day for an anchor and then the next day with the anchor and their co-anchor, that is where you see the magic happen.   You can see the ah ha moment, and then the improvement.  You can see them develop as a team and individually because they have time to see what they are currently doing and what they could be doing.   They have time to take part in exercises to work on their delivery.   The best part, they get to do it as a team! It instantly creates teamwork between them and something for a new anchor team to help build their relationship on air.   At Talent Dynamics we can do intensive day long coaching sessions for one person or an anchor team.   

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