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Talent Coaching.   When I was last a News Director (it was a while ago) in 2008 we had consultants, we had talent coaches as well.   Fast forward to when I was corporate Vice President for a tv group that no longer exists (I have a track record for those—companies that no longer exist) that is a blog post for another time 😊.  The point is stations had news consultants and talent coaches.   With consolidation, we have less news consulting companies, less consultants in stations and less talent coaches working with talent.  

When I was a News Director, I knew the need of having a set of outside eyes help my anchors with performance, help my younger talent find their voice and not try to be what they think they needed to be on tv.   When I was a talent agent, I did my fair share of coaching of my clients.   In both instances knew where they needed to get to but admittedly, I did not have the tools to get them there and that is where a talent coach comes in.   Someone to help give the talent tools to improve their performance.

Recently in talking representatives from a major broadcast group they asked how we coach talent, and I said well we don’t come in with a one size fits all approach.    We consult with the news managers on what they see, what their style is and how they want it all to look on tv.   We don’t have an agenda except to help improve your talent except to help make your team better!

So can we help with coaching at Talent Dynamics, absolutely!  We have great experienced coaches who can help your team develop.   Let’s connect!

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