As you look for jobs, here are some great resources for you.

RTDNA – Radio-Television Digital News Association

IRE – Investigative Reporters & Editors

NAJA – Native American Journalists Association

AAJA – Asian-American Journalists Association

NABJ – National Association of Black Journalists

NAHJ – National Association of Hispanic Journalists

AMS – American Meteorological Association

NLGJA – The Association of LGBTQ Journalists

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What is leadership?

What is leadership?

What is a leader…. So many times, we reward leaders with a title.   We promote leaders to management positions.   According to a recent article in the Harvard Business Review, most people don’t identify as a leader unless it is written into their...

The Value of In-Person all-day coaching

The Value of In-Person all-day coaching

Last week I was in Dallas for an in-person talent coaching.   I will admit years ago as a News Director, I sent a first-time main anchor for a week of intensive coaching.   But that was it.  Last week I was watching one of our coaches working one-on-one with an...

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