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Talent Dynamics is the only CONFIDENTIAL online job search website in our industry.  Only Talent Dynamics broadcast company clients will be able to see your personal profile but only if we give them access to your profile.  If you are concerned that your current employer will see you on this can trust us to monitor and keep your information secure just as we have for the last thirty years!  There is no fee for you providing personal video clips and information on our website.  However, Talent Dynamics does not provide any employment or talent agency services.  Our primary function is to provide video clips just to broadcast company clients.

Click here to complete your personal profile and add your resume and reel directly to our database.  Even if you are already in our database, you will still need to complete a profile in order to get your personal login and password.

Please be sure to put your video link or website in the WEB ADDRESS field.

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Want to Post a Job?  If you are a Talent Dynamics client, please e-mail your job posting to  There is no additional fee for this service to our clients.  Not a current client? email for job posting fees.   

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