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Are you a specialty reporter? Then we want to hear from you!  If you are an Investigative or Consumer reporter, of every experience level, there is a huge need for you!  Please send your updated reel(s) and your current resume to annick@talentdynamics.com.

Calling all upcoming grads!  We are working on our December 2022 grad list that News Directors have access to so let us help you get your career started! Go to the Add Profile button to get your profile created today!

It’s political season and many stations are looking for dedicated Political Reporters!  If this is your niche, send your updated reel and a current resume to annick@talentdynamics.com.

PRODUCERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS – We have jobs! Tell us what your goals are in a new position, and we’ll try to match you up with one of our client stations! All markets across the country have openings! Send your resume to jaymes@talentdynamics.com.

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@NewsVP’s view on coaching

@NewsVP’s view on coaching

Talent Coaching.   When I was last a News Director (it was a while ago) in 2008 we had consultants, we had talent coaches as well.   Fast forward to when I was corporate Vice President for a tv group that no longer exists (I have a track record for...

Rick Gevers’ ND List

Rick Gevers’ ND List

November 21, 2022 (Ever think 'they' are out of get you? If you occasionally look at this newsletter on my website, the (not so) good people at WordPress have installed a new editor. It may new, but it is not improved).But if you never go there, never mind!There's a...

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